How to connect GitHub Desktop to Azure Dev Ops

GitHub Desktop : 
Microsoft Azure Dev Ops :

Connect to the repository

Generate credentials for GitHub Desktop

Once you’re on your projet, the first thing you need is to get the repository URL :

If there is no code already


If project is already on rails..

In order to connect this repository, you need to create credentials to access it. Let’s click on “Generate Git credentials

A form appears, at the bottom, you can see a link “Create a Personnal access token“. Click on it

A new window opens. That’s on this one where you can manage all your credentials who has access to you Azure Dev Ops account.

Click on the “New Token” and set data like that :

After creating the token, you’re invited to keep the generated token in order to use it. Keep it safe. You can’t find it after closing the window

This token will be used as password when connecting with GitHub Desktop !

If you’ve lost it or it expired, you can regenate it, but it will be different.

Connect with GitHub Desktop

Launch GitHub Desktop, and “Clone a repository” :

A window appears, Select the URL tab and fill both URL and Location.

Click on Clone, a new window should appears asking you credentials :

You must enter your Azure Dev Ops name account, and use the generated token as password !

The new repository is well connected to GitHub Desktop :

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