DarkRift 2 Tutorial for Unity 3D – Part 2 – Get DarkRift2

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You can find the entire project on my official GitHub

Create an empty scene and download the asset

So, let’s start with a step by step to create the environnement that will be used for the whole entire tutorial.

For this tutorial, i’m using the 2018.3.1f1 version of Unity.

  • Open Unity, and create a new empty project, Go to the asset store, and look for DarkRift2 :

As explainded into my first article , the PRO version is not free, so we’ll use the free version of DR2, wich perfectly fits our needs in this context.

  • Get it, Import it and in the “Import Unity Package” windows, let all checkbox checked :

You can now see in the Asset folder a lot of you content. Let’s describe them just below :

  • DarkRift : Contains a .ZIP wich embbed the .DLL to develop a console server outside Unity. In our case, it will be useless because we’ll make an Unity Embedded Server.
  • 1 ChatDemo, 2 DragDemo, 3BlockDemo : These folders are examples provided by DarkRift. Feel free to open them and take a look. They are very basics, but very instructives too !
  • DarkRift / DarkRift / Plugins : this folder contains all unity components that we need to create our server / client.

DarkRift2 Unity Components

Server side


  • This is THE component that, attached to a GameObject, will act as a server. When attached and game launched, the server will be automatically created and will listen for each connections, messages, … and so on.
Note : UnityServer component is deprecated, don't use it


  • This component is used to create message visible through the console on unity and enable us to debug more easely.


  • Static classes/methods wich are helpers and used by DarkRift2. You can use them too.

Client side


  • As you can see, there is only one unity component for the client : UnityClient. Attacehd to a GameObject, this component will allow you to communicate with a DarkRift2 server.

As the server, the client is automatically created and connects to the server (with a specific [IP:PORT], by default it’s the lookup adress wich is : and port 4296)

What’s next article about ?

The overview of the content of the DR2 asset is finished. The scene to be worked. The next steps are

  • create the scene that will embbed the server
  • Test the server
  • Get output to the console
  • Build our server in both normal & headless mode (Whitout graphics)

Stay connected !

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