Create a RPG battle system with Unity 3D – Part 1 – Concept

Setting up an old school RPG battle system

Nowadays, old J-RPG battle system are not very used, letting the field to mixed action-RPG battle system (FFXV for exemple).

Mechanics used by J-RPG system may seems old, not fun or borring.. but in fact, we can build really great game with some clever ideas… making the game immersive and fun to play. One of the best J-RPG game was without any doubt Final Fantasy 7 developped by the talentuous Squaresoft studio in 1997

Final fantasy 7 – SquareSoft – 1997

Mechanism explanation

What is a J-RPG battle system ? That’s a battle system wich is :

  • Turn based : One unit can act at one time
  • Simple to implement
  • Pleasant to play

3 good reasons to base our new RPG game on this system. For this tutorial, we’ll use Unity 3D 2018. In fact, many of my articles are based on Unity 3D.

No worries, if you are using another game engine (Unreal Engine for exemple…), my articles will be really usefull too..

Next articles

I’ve splitted this course as following :

  1. TurnManager.cs : Implementing the core of the J-RPG battler 
  2. UnitTurn.cs : Implementing unit features as StartTurn(), EndTurn(), … 
  3. Usage example 
Of course, if i found ideas to improve this tutorial, i will implement them and share them with you
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